📺No cinemas! Buy one of these 8K TVs

There is nothing like having your own home cinema. Do not you believe me? Imagine this: You, with your friends, watching football while having a few beers on a TV that gives the impression that you are in the same stadium. Or imagine instead that you are with your partner watching a movie with popcorn and soft drinks. Conclusion, with one of these there is no longer need to go to the movies. Let’s see them now!


Still thinking that a cinema is the best option? Let me change your mind with this model. This TV of 88´´ counts with 5 connection modes: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet and HDMI. The best thing: this one includes our best friend Alexa to help you in your Supported Internet Selection: Netflix, Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu or YouTube.

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The last TV was awesome, right? But also it was too expensive. This one is perfect for those who want an 8K TV but have fewer budgets. It also counts with five connection modes: Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, Wifi and HDMI. The best thing about this model is its sound of objective following, to immerge you in the middle of the action.

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Sony Z8H TV:

Another TV with our best friend Alexa! This one counts with 75-85in and LED technology. If you like to hear the best sounds, then you need this TV with the sound of movies, games, music, news and sport content completely clear.

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This is the last one but not less important TV. This count with 88´´in and cannot be wall mounted, but you can select there the same model with 77´´in if you want to mount the TV in your wall. It also counts with the same 5 types of connection and with OLED technology. If you want a TV for gaming, this is the ideal for you.

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So, in conclusion, these 8K TVs are the next cinema generation. What do you think?

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