📽️ The 6 Best 4K Projectors in 2020

Buy tickets, watch the billboard full of premieres, the classic smell of popcorn, and look for our seats to sit in the room or wait nervously for the movie to begin. In conclusion, we all love going to the movies because it is a very enjoyable and fun way to relax for a couple of hours and forget our worries. Want to experience the same real cinema feeling with a great 4K projector at home?

Optoma UHD50:

Best HDR 10 Projector with DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut Support

Among other important features we can highlight a 40º vertical Keystone correction, a 1.3x manual optical zoom, a 10% vertical lens shift that facilitates the installation of the projector with respect to the screen, a projection distance of 1.2 m – 8.1 m, a sound system made up of two 5W speakers each, dimensions of 39.2 x 28.1 x 11.8 cm and a weight of 5.2 kilograms.

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Optoma HD146X:

High-performance projector for movies and games:

Cinematic image quality for crisp, high-definition images with native 1080p resolution and a RYGCWB color wheel for home theater color calibration.

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Optoma UHD51A 4K UHD Smart Home Theater Projector:

The best 4k projector compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant; so with Eco or Google Home devices. So, firstly, you can take control of the UHD51A with voice commands to turn on / off, adjust volume, change inputs and control USB media playback.

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View Sonic True:

The best 4K projector with high brightness. The best home theater projector with HDR content support that offers impressive home entertainment all day and night.

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BenQ TK800M:

With this 4K projection technology projector, it delivers stunning 4K UHD image quality with stunning clarity and clearly defined details. In addition, it provides better image resolution and quality without the “jaggier” and more pixelated compared to other technologies.

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In conclusion, we can say that there is no doubt that projectors have the ability to cause us a greater feeling of immersion compared to a normal television, largely due to the larger screen size they manage to achieve.

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